Monday, January 19, 2009

The Reader

Overall I thought it was a really good movie and definitely worth seeing. The story is unique and compelling while not being too out there (not that being too out there is a bad thing).

This is one of the strongest performances I've seen by Kate Winslet (or any actress for that matter) and it proves her versitility as an actress. She herself admitted that there was nothing in her past life that she could draw from for the character Hannah Schmitz. She just couldn't figure out how to relate to her, but she had to understand her. Her difficulty to understand this character sometimes shows through, because as an audience, it is hard for us to understand her...but I actually think that this is a good thing. In most of our realms of experience, we cannot fathom why she would act the way she does, and that is part of what makes the film so intriguing
I think that Kate Winslet deserved the Golden Globe she got for this role and deserves to win the Oscar as well.

The film is very thought provoking and brings up such complex issues as affairs, vices, justice, literacy, and dealing with the past.

There was some confusion however when it came to the passage of time. It would cut between scenes and it would often be unclear if it was several months later or just a few moments, and I don't think it was intentional most of the time. It was usually pretty easy to figure out though after a minute or two at most. Overall it was a good movie.

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