Monday, April 9, 2012

Works of art I want to see during my upcoming trip to New York:

The Met
I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold by Charles Demuth
Portes de la Reine at Aigues-Mortes by Frederic Bazille
White Flag by Jasper Johns
Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage
Adam and Eve by Albrecht Durer

The MoMA

The Whitney
A Distinguished Air by Charles Demuth

More to come

Academic books I want to own or read

Haskell, Barbara. Charles Demuth

Weinberg, Jonathan. Speaking for vice : homosexuality in the art of Charles Demuth, Marsden Hartley, and the first American avant-garde

Meyer, Richard. Outlaw Representation: Censorship and Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century American Art

Russo, Vito. The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies

"We need more dear, lot's, lot's more."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

Honestly, it hasn't been the best year for movies in my opinion. Still, there were a few good ones. Here's a top ten list I just through together, I feel like I'm missing something, and there's still a few movies I should probably see before making this list. So, as is true of pretty much every year, think of this as a draft that could and will change, even if I don't actually publish it.

1. The Descendants
2. Beginners
3. The Muppets
4. The Artist
5. Midnight in Paris
6. Contagion
7. Carnage
8. Hugo
9. Certified Copy
10. Captain America

Friday, April 6, 2012

15 of my favorite movies from before I was born

In no particular order and fully admitting that I probably forgot a few, I felt like compiling a list of some of my favorite movies made before I was born. I'm happy to see that it's much more eclectic than I thought it was going to be when I got the idea.

The Graduate
A Clockwork Orange
All That Jazz
Harold and Maude
Sunset Boulevard
All About Eve
Ordinary People
Annie Hall
The Wizard of Oz
The Little Mermaid
The Breakfast Club