Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why would anyone choose that life?

My response to Mel Sundquists tumblr thing...cause I don't know how to actually respond to it on tumblr

First of all, I love being gay. I would never choose to be straight if I was magically given the opportunity. However I do understand where the argument comes from, and there is some truth in it. While I would choose to remain gay now, when I was first discovering my sexuality in my early teens, it was hard. It was a long journey, and given social pressures of what I should be compared with what I was, it was a deeply internal struggle. However much I value that struggle I went through now, if given the choice then, I certainly would not choose to add more confusion to my already confusing teenage life if just being straight like everyone else was an option. Basically, the argument is rooted in something that I think is legitimate and true, however I think that it gets used in a way that is very misleading. Being gay is awesome, especially if you can get past dealing with all the bigoted assholes.

Also, getting into the issue of whether or not it is a choice IS annoying. I didn't choose to be gay, I just am, but sexuality is more complex than that. It's not the same for everyone and sometimes it's more fluid, but that really doesn't matter.

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